X Random Exercise


2x2Improves pinky and ring finger independenceFinger Stretching
3x3Stretching exercise for every finger except your indexFinger Stretching
4x4Get your stretch on by covering four frets with all four fingersFinger Stretching
Fret SkippingFinger stretching exercise that skips the middle fingerFinger Stretching
String MovementSprint up and down the fretboard with alternating fingering patternsFinger Stretching
PedalingImprove your legato technique with this speed setLegato
String JumpingJump from string to string as you improve picking accuracyPicking Accuracy
String UpsDive down and soar up through each string with your pick, improving accuracyPicking Accuracy
Double HoppingImprove picking hand accuracy by skipping multiple stringsPicking Accuracy
Advanced Positional Workout4-finger warmup with pattern change-ups each stringPicking Accuracy

Major ArpeggioGet some major gains by practicing broken chordsArpeggio
Minor ArpeggioShred through minor broken chordsArpeggio
Major 7 ArpeggioMajor 7 arpeggio workoutArpeggio
Minor 7 ArpeggioShape up with a minor 7 arpeggioArpeggio
Dominant 7 ArpeggioPractice your dominant 7 arpeggiosArpeggio

MajorLearn and practice the major scale
Major In 3rdsLearn and practice the major scale, in 3rds
Natural MinorLearn and practice the natural minor scale
Harmonic MinorLearn and practice the harmonic minor scale
Minor In 3rdsLearn and practice the minor scale, in 3rds
Pentatonic MajorPractice the pentatonic major scale
Pentatonic MinorPractice the pentatonic minor scale
Pentatonic Major In 3rdsPractice the pentatonic major scale, in 3rds
Pentatonic Minor In 3rdsPractice the pentatonic major scale, in 3rds
BluesPractice the blues scales

Playback speed 80 bpm